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Pediatric Dentistry

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Dreier Family Dental proudly offers personalized service and state-of-the-art dental care to the great community of Janesville. If you're in need a dentist near you, give us a try today!

Pediatric Dentistry

Giving the smallest patients the biggest smiles

At Dreier Family Dental, we strive to make visits to the dentist as enjoyable as possible for all ages. When it comes to your little ones, our goal is to establish life-long habits that support a healthy future.

Their First Visit

We strive to create a positive atmosphere for all ages so dental visits become something everyone can look forward to. You should bring your child into Dreier Family Dental once their first tooth erupts – usually by the age of two. These early visits can have a positive effect on how your child views the dentist, and help us keep track of their oral health.

Starting with the Right Dentist

Forming a relationship with the dentist early is essential to starting your child out on the right track to a healthy smile. Dreier Family Dental’s years of experience working with families is proof of our commitment to providing the most comfortable, educational, and positive experience for your child. We’ve seen members of the Janesville community grow from having baby teeth to having babies of their own! And we’re excited to begin a journey with you.

Making Dental Visits Fun

Bringing your child to the dentist can be tough. Not every kid is receptive to the idea, and some are even scared. To help you encourage the importance of regular dental visits, we make your visit as easy and fun as possible. Make an appointment with our positive, caring and fun staff, and let us show you a different side to dentistry!

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